Blossom Beginnings Doula Collective is a doula sisterhood rooted in the belief that every new phase of life is an opportunity to blossom and the birth journey is no exception! We believe that every life is precious, every life is sacred, and the womb is divine. We are committed to "serving the woman" at every point of her birth journey, even before a physical pregnancy begins.

Our goal as the stewards of your womanhood/motherhood journey is to prepare you to transition into this new stage in life with your heart, mind, body and soul aligned as one. In this state, you will be ready to discover your inner strength to build the confidence and trust necessary to fully embrace the new beginning that is to come.



We believe that childbirth is a divine, sacred event occurring within the family unit. Every family has their own unique story that is influenced by their culture, beliefs, goals and desires which shape the way they choose to birth. We believe in protecting that choice, no matter what that may look like, supporting the family with holistic doula care to cultivate a blossoming, thriving family.


Modern maternity care often leaves out the individuality of each family and views birth more as a business transaction, treating each birth the same. Blossom Beginnings Doula Collective recognizes the importance for birth to be centered around the family, its sacredness cherished and upheld, even in the midst of a society that relies more and more in technology, medical interventions, rules and regulations. 


As witnesses to your amazing birth story, we do not impose but hold and protect the space for Mother to be the author of her own unique story, upholding the roles of Father and other supporters surrounding the blossoming new life. 


  Blossom Doulas Team 

  Blossom Doulas Team  



Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula

Yoga Instructor

Childbirth Educator

My interest in childbirth began as a child when my older sister became pregnant and I read all of her books on maternity. That interest turned into passion as a peer counselor for expecting mothers, assisting in organizing and teaching parenting classes. This lead me to eventually pursue my career as a doula, completing training through International Childbirth Education Association, DONA International, and The Matrona. It is my belief that communities only thrive when families blossom. As I nurture women holistically in their journey to motherhood, my  intention is to uphold the florescence of the family. 


Birth & Postpartum Doula

Integrative Health Coach

As a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, I received my doula training through DONA and have additional training in Spinning Babies, belly binding, and breastfeeding support. My journey as a doula has allowed me to combine my love for holistic health, birth work, culinary arts, and photography to create this wonderful life. Helping each woman bloom into motherhood in her own unique way has been both rewarding and fulfilling. It continues to be an honor to support and empower women and families in this journey of birth.  I bring my extensive knowledge of integrative health, aromatherapy, and herbalism to our collective which affords our families a more holistic approach to birth and overall health.


Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula

Yoga Instructor

I am a birth doula, certified yoga teacher, herbal enthusiast, graduate-level biologist, and a lover of music and life. I find joy in serving women and expectant / new mothers who desire non-judgmental support, comfort, and encouragement during their childbearing years. I am an advocate for natural birth, and equally support you during medical interventions if they are preferred or necessary. My mission is to educate you and assist you in bringing your child earth-side in full bloom.


Birth & Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulator

My childhood interest in women's health and sexual reproduction lead me to pursue a career in nursing. However, I found myself desiring to help women in childbirth in a more intimate way. I am now a doula, pursuing medical school in the area of obstetrics & gynocology. Being a doula gives me the one-on-one with not only mothers, but also families all over the world, being able to share my knowledge and recent studies, leaving everyone informed and at peace.

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Birth & Postpartum Doula

Childbirth Educator

I have always had an interest in health and began my birth work journey teaching parenting and prenatal classes to young parents in the DC area. As I learned more about the maternal health crisis in the US and its impact on women of color, I was driven to pursue a career as a doula while pursuing a bachelor's in Health Services at Trinity Washington University. My mission is to empower women to access the resources they need and assist them in advocating for their health by informing them of their rights while honoring their birth preferences.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Doula Apprentice

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Certified Lactation Professional

Doula Training/Experience Preferred

Formal lactation education required!

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Professionally Trained

Bilingual English/Spanish Fluency Preferred

Formal doula training required!

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